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Join our online workshop and learn one of the oldest photographic processes, the cyanotype, invented in the early 1840s.

Cyanotype is an extraordinary process enabling the photographer to print fabulous, blue photographs of excellent permanence (we still have the original prints from the first half of the 19th century). As it is a process in which the photographers prepare the light sensitive materials themselves, it gives completely unique possibilities for manipulating the image, for conscious creation of imperfection and for working on unusual surfaces starting with various types of paper through fabric, wood, and glass or metal.

During the four hour workshop all the particiants will obtain information and obtain skills necessary to start working independently.

During the workshiop taught in the form of a video conference, the participants will learn:

  • about all the chemicals, materials and tools needed in the process,
  • different ways to coat the light sensitive solution on paper,
  • to print cyanotype luxography,
  • to prepare digital negatives for cyanotype printing,
  • the process of exposing/printing and processing the images,
  • to assess exposure prior to development,
  • to create a home lab.

There will also be ample time for free discussion, asking and answering questions and consulting the participants’ prints as well as for advice regarding producing prints at home, without access to a professional lab.

The format selected for the workshop means that it will be more than a simple presentation or lecture which we could record and re-transmit as many times as we want. Rather than this, it will be a real meeting and an opportunity to discuss photography when, apart from listening to the instructor and watching his demonstration, participants will be able to freely ask questions and trade experiences. This will be aided by the limited number of participantsof each workshop.

The programme of the workshop covers the whole process of making cyanotypes, starting with buying the chemicals, preparing the working solutions, sensitizing the paper and producing the finished print.

The workshop is appropriate for beginners, participants who have no previous experience with either darkroom work or with alternative printing.

Tutor: Radosław Brzozowski, author of the first Polish cyanotype textbook “Cyjanotypia – Przewodnik praktyczny”

Duration: 4 hrs

Language: English

Nearest workshop: May 17th 2022, 5 pm Central European Time

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