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Most of us know that cyanotypes are blue. Blue is the natural colour of the process and indeed, this is what the earlies cyanotypes looked like. However, this does not mean that cyanotype has to be blue and only blue each time we print it. Quite to the contrary, we can easily alter its colour using a variety of methods of toning and tinting, both using very typical, easily available materials such as tea and more advanced chemical methods.

If you want to take your cyanptype printing to a higher level and learn both the art of toning and tinting prints and the methods to control their contrast, join my workshop, offered in the form of a video conference which will not only cover issues such as toning, tinting and contrast control, but will also include manipulating the finished prints by means of bleaching.

During the workshop you will learn:

  • the various toners that can be used to tone cyanotype and see how they work on a print and what results they produce,
  • to control the contast of our prints adjusting it to the negatives we are using,
  • the basic method of improcing the finished prints by means of bleaching them,
  • to tint/and colour the monochromatic prints the way it was done in the 19th century,
  • to wax the finished prints to deepen the shadows and increase their permanence.

Similarly to all out other online workshops, this one will be based mostly on practical demonstration which will enable the participants to witness each stage of the process. As the workshop will be organized as a video conference, it will not be limited to one sided communication, to a simple lecture but will take the shape of a meeting in the darkroom, a shared esperience during which everyone will be able to ask questions, both to the instructor and other participants as well as to freely participate in the discussion and exchange of experiences.

There will also be ample time for conversation and drawing inspiration from each other’s work.


Instructor: Radosław Brzozowski, author of the first Polish cyanotype handbook „Cyjanotypia – Przewodnik praktyczny”

Duration: 4 hrs

Next workshop: May, 20th , 2022, 5 p.m. Central European Time

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