Pictorico OHP transparency A4

Producent Pictorico
Czas dostawy 7 dni

A unique transparency designed especially for printing high quality negatives from digital files. In order to enable the transparency to accept large amounts of ink necessary to obtain sufficient contrast, its surface was covered with ceramic dust. This way a much higher negative density, necessary for contact printing alternative processes can be obtained without using special inks.

20 A4 sheets

Alternative photographic processes place special demands on the negatives we use. Not only do they need to be large; as large as the resulting print which, after all, will of necessity be a contact print, but they have to offer contrast and density much higher than required of modern negatives designed for enlarging. Thus, it often is the best solution to actually print the negative rather than try to create it in camera; even if you are actually a large format photographer. Such negatives can be fine tuned for the process you intend to use them with as well as digitally corrected prior to printing. They also need to be printed with a large amount of ink; much larger than a regular transparency can accept and hold in place and this is where the specially designed Pictorico comes in


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